Baby Papoose

What is a Papoose? Papoose Benefits for the Baby Papoose Benefits for the Parent Carry Positions How To Wear a Baby Papoose

What is a Baby Papoose?

Baby Papoose A papoose was originally the word used for a Native American Indian child. But is also the word used to refer to child carriers in particularly, a baby sling which Native American Indians used.

If you are a very busy mother or father who is always on the go, it is hard to get jobs done when you are carrying your child around all the time. Thankfully, Baby Papooses are a convenient way of carrying around your newborn. They are also very fashionable too, coming in a wide range of styles, colours, patterns and fabrics. Many celebrities have started to use them bringing them into the spotlight!

Baby papooses are ideal for newborns up until around two years of age when they are a toddler of about 35lbs.

Why Carry a Baby in a Papoose?

Benefits for the Baby being Carried in a Papoose

Dr. William Sears, an expert and one of America's best known pediatricians stated, "Baby wearing resembles the womb helping a new baby fit into their environment." When using a baby papoose in a cradle posistion the baby is posistioned in a natural foetal position.

Dr. Sears also stated, "By extending the womb experience, the baby wearing mother or father provide an external regulating system that balances the irregular and disorganised tendencies of the baby." Basically this means that if you practice in baby wearing it provides a great way for parent baby bonding.

By carrying your baby close to you, your baby can adapt quickly by getting in rhythm to your body as it listens to your breathing, voice, heartbeat and smell. This is good for the baby's development. When you move, your baby will move helping the baby to begin to learn about balance by controlling their body when you are moving.

Babies carried in slings are known to cry less and colick is reduced as opposed to babies who parents do not practice in baby wearing. This relieves stress of the parent and baby, leaving the baby more time to play and learn while taking in their environment in a calm and collective way. Also helping to make your baby more friendly, and feel more secure.

Keeping your baby close to you provides safety. You know where your baby is at all times. They are with you!

Research that has been carried out suggests that if you carry a baby in a papoose they become more alert and are able to take in information better as they travel around with their parent. Helping your baby to become a better learner.

When a parent uses a baby carrier, the baby is less likely to have 'startle' reflex which means they are less likely to be shocked at sudden movements or loud noises which in turn helps your baby to take in these new noises without being scared therefore helping your baby to be more intelligent.

Carrying a baby close to you will help your baby become more socialable now and in their future life. It will help your child at school, giving them more confidence to interact, socialise and make friends. Your baby will also interact with more adults now she is at your level and more easily seen helping to develop her baby vision and interaction skills.

Holding a baby in a sling allows the parent to observe their baby's facial gestures in detail helping the baby and parent to communicate more effectivley as the parent is more atune to reading their baby's facial expressions. It will help the parent know when their child is bored, uncomfortable, needs changing etc.

Benefits for the Parent Carrying a Baby in a Papoose

Dr. Sears states "Baby wearing allows breastfeeding on the move so that busy mothers can nurture their babies with the best nutrition, yet continue their active lifestyles." Wearing a papoose also provides for discreet breast feeding in public places.

A baby papoose is light, portable and has no straps or buckles to adjust. It is very simple to put on and take off.

An important parent child bond is established at the earliest stage which will continue in life.

Your life is made easier giving you two hands free to concentrate on any jobs at hand, while your baby is safe in their sling.

A baby sling can also be used for a baby swaddling blanket if you are out and about.

No need to take a push chair out, making going out hassle free.

Carrying your baby around in a papoose is good exercise for you and will also help your baby to sleep well.

Baby sling carriers are much cheaper than baby push chairs, baby strollers, baby back packs and baby front carriers.

Papoose Baby Carry Positions

Baby papooses can be worn in many different positions. A baby papoose can be worn in a cradle position with the baby lying down. You can use your baby papoose as a baby front carrier, baby back pack carrier or a baby hip carrier.

Baby Front Cradle Position

A cradle position is perfect for a newborn baby where they are lying down in the pouch in front of your body.

Baby Front Seated Carry Position

Once your baby is able to control their head you can use your baby papoose as a baby front carrier with them seated in their papoose baby sling.

Back Hip Carry Position

You can also place your baby at the side of your body against your hip in the same seated posistion as above.

How to Wear a Baby Papoose?

Unfold the sling and find the padded part. Fold the sling in half to make two layers and find the padded part where the baby will sit. Put the sling over your head with the padding at the bottom so that it goes across your opposite shoulder. A baby pouch sling can be worn on either shoulder so that it distributes your baby's weight across your back and shoulder without putting uncomfortable pressure on any one point. The baby can then sit or lie in the pouch.